In 1994, Wang Yung-shan and a group of glass-art enthusiasts established “Tittot” with a dream of “opening the Chinese crystal glass world”. “Tittot” is homophonic to the Chinese word “crystal-clear”: “Ti” as screening for the qualified ones and “Ttot” as bright and transparent. It is the best praise in the Chinese culture for people, things or objects.

The beauty of the Chinese culture is our nutrients as we interpret with exquisiteness and preciseness the modern Chinese beauty with delicate lost-wax casting. Every piece of creation is ancient-modern blended, unique, contemporary but still with the traditional strength. They are approachable but not kitsch, naturally friendly but not grandstanding. This is Tittot’s insistence of the glass-art. In 1999, the first “Tittot Glass Art Museum” was established Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. In 2003, Tittot was officially listed in OTC, the first Taiwanese listed company in the cultural and creative industry. With confidence, we build the value of the new era, rooting the glass-art into our daily life. Nowadays, Tittot has become the representative of the Chinese glass, with numerous awards and prizes as well as invitations of exhibitions; furthermore, they have even become key collections in museums around the world. Tittot does not only create but also include the humanistic caring and the blessing for all things into each of the pieces. Every work is a unique being. In the future, we will continue leading the Chinese world of glass with endless creativity and enthusiasm and shine in it.