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"tittot sharing" is a dialogue between product innovativeness and sentiment towards others; it enables the joy of glass to be experienced everywhere and makes sharing easier during every moment in life that is worth celebrating. tittot has created a glittering new hope with translucent luster, to bring the ever-changing beauty of glass closer to life, and to make the sahring of sentimental memories easier.
Customized Design
Customized Design . A Permanent Collection
Each design piece from Tittot is tailored to meet every client’s needs,

showcasing the unique features and cultural characteristics of each enterprise,

with remarkable value and elegance, exclusively for your company.

Tittot employ the very challenging lost wax method to

produce complex and extremely difficult pieces.

Through meticulous 47-step process, our care and attentiveness

shows up in the delicacy and brilliance of our crystal.

Each art piece is a clear proof of Tittot’s craftsmanship.

Premium Service . Thoughtful Concern
The exquisite packaging and high quality service demonstrate

Tittot’s thoughtful concern for their clients, treating them with utmost respect.

Conveying Emotions . A Lasting Memory
The elegant appearance of each artwork signifies

good relationships between people; the exclusive product card

captures every memorable moment.

Exquisite Collection
With respect and sincerity, tittot offers custom design service to institutions as well as for individuas.

Being one of a kind specialzed design, the owner is ascertained with a joy of distinction and honor.

Red Plum Posing

This artwork designed for China Airlines, combines its logo and the shape of a navigating plane. It embodies elegance, grace and professionalism which China Airllines represent along with its thoughtful, considerate and comfortable service.

A Forever Harmonious Union

This was designed for former Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui as a gift to distinguished guests druing his 50th golden wedding anniversary. A hundred lilies were carved on glass, with 50 flowers symbolizing eternal love and 50 buds representing blessings and happiness in the next 50 years.

Top Ranking

This artwork was designed for the NUS(National University of Singapore) as a souvenir for special visitors and scholars. Its lion design was based on the lion pattern on NUS school badge which embodies a solid and strong school spirit, outstanding education and remarkable culture at NUS.

Corporate Group Purchase

Tittot designed the exclusive bottle for Matsu Dongyin Daoliang Liquor. The design was based on Dongyin Lighthouse and its blue color symbolized the vastness of the sea. The lighthouse is a symbol of a guide amid the vast sea and it hints the Kaoliang Liquor business brings new opportunities to Dongyin.

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